8 May 2011

More Make-up !!!

hi i'm back with loads for you [some may be repeated from before cause i can't remeber]
 purple and white

black and grey

natural staff make-up

so that's what i'm going to show and i'm going to start with the Staff make-up
add the mascara and the eye kohl round the mascara 
and your done !!!! it goes with most outfits and accesories 
Black and grey 
add the mascara, kohl, eyeliner and  blush [blush in shown place]
then put the black [X3] to the second half of the eye 
finaly add the white [X1] over the top part of the black and the 1st half
of the eye.
goes with dark coloured outfits

Purple and white
add everything but the eyeshadow in shown places 
then add the white [X3] over 3/4 the eye 
over lap the purple [X3] to the 1/4 eye and your finished

more coming soon !!!

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