4 May 2011

it's all Blues Purples and Greens

hi again !!!!
here's some make-ups for you and my own not-very-clear-ajust-it-yourself make-ups !
moddle is our very own lalalandDL !
so add the basics (mascara and lipstick) and add a white (luxe for a sparkly effect) background till about half way
then add the over half with the green and overlap. 
after thisadd the purple ontop of then greenaround the edge and do a fade like the red make-up i've shown click here to see red make-up < - like my lil link ????
and again after this make a small purple streak across the inside of the eyelide following the eye (small as possible) and go over about twice. add what you would like in my options in the make-up and you're all done

next : 
learn how to do an amazing green fade eyelids 
see how palea wears her make-up 
see me (gingercat990) do another make-up on SparklyHighHeel !

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