29 Apr 2011

Blue Tan Make-up

going to my pen-pal's house tomorrow so won't post but i think i've posted enough for today anyway !!!!
here's the final post for today with purplepoppy24 as our moddle

do the usual with the mascara - all over - and add the blush to the place shown. then work from white to the darker blue going in shades and over lap the colours. it helps if you go over three times so the colour shows up. then use one of the recomened lip colour shown above .

Blue to Purple Make-up

 Like the new look ?????

here's another artistic one for you guys !!!!
but i realy wanted to show you the underneath stardoll collarges !!!! they're awsome!

told you there amazing !
this time i've tryed to do a how to on Maddy2981's entry on the second collargewith the moddle Nadine86

 close up
for the eye's you'll need the eye items in the list. mascara is not recomended for this one.
add the blue background twice over all the eye.
then with the third purple listed make a thin follow of the eyelid and strech over the corners in the shape shown.
with the second purple make a smaller shape going over once in the corner leaving the outline of the eyelid.
using the remaining purple do the same thing as last making the shape smaller and add the colour eye khol over the dark purple area.
Last add the black eyeliner and any accessories or anything else you want to experiment with. like the example above.
 Hi i'm back with some golden and royal make-up to celebrate the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Caimbridge! congrats from us bloggers.
 royal eyes :
add mascara and eyeliner as well as eye kohl.
then add a small section of white then overlap with the light purple and so on with the following order: 
royal pink then light blue then the darker shade then the dark purple.
use the colour hair selected . than with the ginger highlights add small wisps in places on the hair avoiding most of the fringe if one. then add the yellow in the remaining places using the same technique every so often zooming out to check it looks right.
more make-ups and banners !

26 Apr 2011

Talent Spotter!

Hey everyone this is my first post as talent spotter in this magical blog! So I have spotted some great young talent! In Stardoll I came across a really awesome Stardoll and read her presentation. She is Glamorous, Cute, Fun, Sweet and likes to be active! That great Stardoll is dloo3t_almama! Now in real life I just hear of this awesome person named Adele! She is so awesome her voice is just so different which I love! :D


Sorry to any readers about the long non-posting. I was searching round for some writers. so here's the main load that've been saving up for you.

our models are : 22butterfly22, cutebri09, elukka93, jen-is-me, ladyboo7, ramzesik205, lilbella, MirrorHeart and many more !!!
simply work from the back colour to the front , overlapping and you get a small fade !!!!

25 Apr 2011

How to get the rainbow look!

It's here!
The moment you have all been waiting for! How to do the rainbow eyeshadow look!
Here is what you need for it!

What you will need:
Tigerlilly Eyeshadow (Orange)
Orchid Bloom Eyeshadow (Purple)
Spiced Coral Shadestick (Red)
French Vanilla Shadestick (Yellow)
Bermuda Shadestick (Green)
Malibu Blue Shadestick (Blue)
Volumizing Mascara
Lengthening Mascara
LUXE Lipgloss

If you want to learn how to do it go to youtube.com type in stardollexclusivetv and click on the rainbow tutorial and there you go!

New Writers !!!!

I'd like to welcome our new writers to the blog.
lalalalandDL and SparklyHighHeel !!!

24 Apr 2011

Coming Soon!

Hey everyone!
Coming Soon:
Mytopstardoll has been nice enough to share
how she did her awesome makeup!
This is only available at our blog right here!

Wizards of Waverly Place Dress!

Hey so here is a new great dress that looks super cute on any stardoll! To get it just do the following
If you are from the UK click HERE and invite 5 people to join the club
If not Try slygeek.com or goproxing.com

After going to them type in the following website then press enter

Log into stardoll. Scroll down to find the following picture and invite 5 people. The dress should be in a Wizards of Waverly Place bag in your suite.

Makeup Tips

Okay so here is a closeup of my stardoll lalalandDL! If you like the makeup I will show you what to use and how to use it!
First here is a list of all the things you will need to get this look-
1-dot black liner
2- dot white liner
3- luxe sparkly white/clear eyeshadow
4-luxe clear sparkle lip gloss

Now here is how to achieve this look!
Step 1~ Take the dot black eye liner and cover the right and left eye starting from the back (right eye= start with right side and go to the middle) (left eye= start with left side to the middle)

Step 2~ Next you will apply the dot white eye liner to the other half of the eyelid just to crease on both sides.

Step 3~ Apply a thick coat or as much as wanted to underneath the brow with the luxe sparkly shadow.

Step 4~ Lastly to finish the look apply a coat of the luxe shimmer & Shine lip gloss

And that's how you get the sparkly cute look that goes with any outfit!