26 Feb 2011

2 looks with 1 make-up 1

So here's what i've done:
I've take this -
just mascara and eyeliner
and created theese 2 looks !

painty katy look

elegance and smart look

See if you can do that stardoll !!!!

Make-over 1

So yeah i got it off underneath stardoll but i didn't copy it exactly.... you'd need
2 shades of blue eyeshadow (one dark one light) light blue eye kohl and black mascara and eyeliner.
1. Aply the eyeliner and mascara on.
2.with the dark blue eyeshadow cover all the eyelid
3. over the top as close as possible add the light blue eyeshadow
4. add the eye kohl onto the top of the eyelid and you should be done.

For the highlights you'd need the colours black,bright blue, dark blue and blue.
starting with the black aply a small part of the root in the colour and change colour to the next darkest working your way slowly down the root. If you practise you get the hang of it so keep at it !!!


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