6 Aug 2011

Summer Hols update

Hi again!
sorry i haven't posted, i've been round with make-ups though!
You can find theese in my album!
yes, that is what i've been busy on.

9 Jul 2011


Another one of those long posts for you.........
Topic 1 is
this is what i created recently
if ya don't want to see it then here's the picture:

watdaya think ? i think it's not perfect to be honest.....
so onto topic 2
next is some pictures i've collected : 
 drawing No.1
 drawing No.2
 Drawing No.3
 drawing No.4
 Drawing No.5
 Drawing No.6
all done by me !
sorry bout it being a bit blurry. forgot to clear the lense.
Also :
 credit to underneath stardoll
 might try figure jessie j's make-up one day........
 just an amazing fashion !
this kinda art is called POP ART
either click here to go to the google images result or look at my favourite:
Mickey mouse art by Andy Warhole:
i'd like to appologise for not posting much.... moshi monsters is getting the better of stardoll so i'm sorry again! If anyone who is actualy reading this knows any interested writers then please tell me (gingercat990) and i'll recrute them. thanks again, gingercat 

from gingercat 

30 Jun 2011


so i sorta was lookin through facebook and i found this amazing advert and searched it on youtube.
google chrome said :
Lady Gaga builds one of the world's largest fan bases by using the web to talk directly and openly to her community.

This film celebrates Lady Gaga's special and unmediated relationship with her fans, the Little Monsters. The making of this film is a demonstration of the power of the web in its own right. The entire project, beginning with Lady Gaga's shoot in NYC on May 8th, to shipping materials to the television networks for air, took 10 days. Within hours of the release of her new single "Edge of Glory" on May 9th, fans began uploading videos on YouTube, making the song their own by dancing to it, singing it and playing it on all kinds of instruments. Lady Gaga then posted a message on her website asking for more videos to be used in the film project. Fans responded within minutes and uploaded hundreds more videos. Back in the editing room, in real time as fan videos streamed in, editors were putting them into the film. The film was completed on May 18th in time to air during Lady Gaga's performance on the season finale of Saturday Night Live, and to also live on the web.

It basicaly says that gaga has shown what the web can do. Why not put that instead of mega long borthing text ???? Honestly.
along with that i've also got some MUST - SEE blogs
No.1 is
the ugly side of stardoll.
here's the link ( the page also has a realy nice conter blog the fashion side of stardoll ((link on page)) )
and there is also the well-known blog Underneath stardoll

gingercat xxx

27 Jun 2011

I'm Back !

okay......... sorry about all the no posting thing........ i'm like that.
so here's a post in some random things

theese are our writers !!!!!
me, SparklyHighHeel, lalalandDL and brave-panda
The latest:
 eeewwwwwww ! why would stardoll put this as pick of the day ???? i hate it !!!
very interesting...........
a plain good for nothing red dress? come on ! at least the rest are good
End of the post !!!!

2 Jun 2011

Horrible Hero

sorry I haven't posted in a while..... thought i might want to share this with you though.....

no this is not my face.it's someone's medol.
click here to visit the website

8 May 2011

More Make-up !!!

hi i'm back with loads for you [some may be repeated from before cause i can't remeber]
 purple and white

black and grey

natural staff make-up

so that's what i'm going to show and i'm going to start with the Staff make-up
add the mascara and the eye kohl round the mascara 
and your done !!!! it goes with most outfits and accesories 
Black and grey 
add the mascara, kohl, eyeliner and  blush [blush in shown place]
then put the black [X3] to the second half of the eye 
finaly add the white [X1] over the top part of the black and the 1st half
of the eye.
goes with dark coloured outfits

Purple and white
add everything but the eyeshadow in shown places 
then add the white [X3] over 3/4 the eye 
over lap the purple [X3] to the 1/4 eye and your finished

more coming soon !!!

6 May 2011

HotBuys Hair Flower Decoration Make-up

Hi readers !
just been buying the May HotBuys hair flower that i've been desperate for and completed a make-up using myself with it!
so ... whatdaya think ???
i've added pink highlights and the last 2 items are optional!
here's how to do it :
add the mascara ex. 
then add the pink to your preferable colour.(clicking down)
in the place shown add the black once (again clicking down)
and add the flower decoration wherever you want !
very simple yet very effective

5 May 2011

Pink Make-up + Blue Make-up

add the usual - everything but the eye shadow - and make your choice out of the lipstick
use the dark blue eyeshadow and give it a clear coat over the eye. After go over with the white of your choice - dot or luxe- and go over the blue until you like the shade. i whent over twice. and tadah your done.
what to do :
again do the usual with everything except the eyeshadow - no choices this time - 
and aply the pinkish eyeshadow a bit over the eyelid 
(it helps if you open the image into a new tab so you can see when to stop)
after make a white area (once over) over the eyelid and again tadah !

4 May 2011

it's all Blues Purples and Greens

hi again !!!!
here's some make-ups for you and my own not-very-clear-ajust-it-yourself make-ups !
moddle is our very own lalalandDL !
so add the basics (mascara and lipstick) and add a white (luxe for a sparkly effect) background till about half way
then add the over half with the green and overlap. 
after thisadd the purple ontop of then greenaround the edge and do a fade like the red make-up i've shown click here to see red make-up < - like my lil link ????
and again after this make a small purple streak across the inside of the eyelide following the eye (small as possible) and go over about twice. add what you would like in my options in the make-up and you're all done

next : 
learn how to do an amazing green fade eyelids 
see how palea wears her make-up 
see me (gingercat990) do another make-up on SparklyHighHeel !

1 May 2011

Medol Change

hia everyone (the 8 followers) i can't think of anything to post so i thought i'd show you my new medol that i've been editing around with:

like it ??? what could i do to improve ????

red make-up

moddle : xri_tsi

faded red make-up 

so click on the link to enlarge the picture or just view like this. 
simply add the hair dye and add the lip gloss excetera
then make a fade with the red eyeshadow-
make one whole sweep over the eye with the red and slowly click again a bit further back using the same tactic. continue until you get to the end of the eye.
add a black line as close to eye as possibleusing black eyeshadow - optional. 
then aply the rest in the usual places acording to your prefrencess

hope this helps!
gingercat xxx

P.S : did you know you can post your suggestions/questions/make-up bellow? just click the post button

29 Apr 2011

Blue Tan Make-up

going to my pen-pal's house tomorrow so won't post but i think i've posted enough for today anyway !!!!
here's the final post for today with purplepoppy24 as our moddle

do the usual with the mascara - all over - and add the blush to the place shown. then work from white to the darker blue going in shades and over lap the colours. it helps if you go over three times so the colour shows up. then use one of the recomened lip colour shown above .

Blue to Purple Make-up

 Like the new look ?????

here's another artistic one for you guys !!!!
but i realy wanted to show you the underneath stardoll collarges !!!! they're awsome!

told you there amazing !
this time i've tryed to do a how to on Maddy2981's entry on the second collargewith the moddle Nadine86

 close up
for the eye's you'll need the eye items in the list. mascara is not recomended for this one.
add the blue background twice over all the eye.
then with the third purple listed make a thin follow of the eyelid and strech over the corners in the shape shown.
with the second purple make a smaller shape going over once in the corner leaving the outline of the eyelid.
using the remaining purple do the same thing as last making the shape smaller and add the colour eye khol over the dark purple area.
Last add the black eyeliner and any accessories or anything else you want to experiment with. like the example above.
 Hi i'm back with some golden and royal make-up to celebrate the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Caimbridge! congrats from us bloggers.
 royal eyes :
add mascara and eyeliner as well as eye kohl.
then add a small section of white then overlap with the light purple and so on with the following order: 
royal pink then light blue then the darker shade then the dark purple.
use the colour hair selected . than with the ginger highlights add small wisps in places on the hair avoiding most of the fringe if one. then add the yellow in the remaining places using the same technique every so often zooming out to check it looks right.
more make-ups and banners !

26 Apr 2011

Talent Spotter!

Hey everyone this is my first post as talent spotter in this magical blog! So I have spotted some great young talent! In Stardoll I came across a really awesome Stardoll and read her presentation. She is Glamorous, Cute, Fun, Sweet and likes to be active! That great Stardoll is dloo3t_almama! Now in real life I just hear of this awesome person named Adele! She is so awesome her voice is just so different which I love! :D


Sorry to any readers about the long non-posting. I was searching round for some writers. so here's the main load that've been saving up for you.

our models are : 22butterfly22, cutebri09, elukka93, jen-is-me, ladyboo7, ramzesik205, lilbella, MirrorHeart and many more !!!
simply work from the back colour to the front , overlapping and you get a small fade !!!!