9 Jul 2011


Another one of those long posts for you.........
Topic 1 is
this is what i created recently
if ya don't want to see it then here's the picture:

watdaya think ? i think it's not perfect to be honest.....
so onto topic 2
next is some pictures i've collected : 
 drawing No.1
 drawing No.2
 Drawing No.3
 drawing No.4
 Drawing No.5
 Drawing No.6
all done by me !
sorry bout it being a bit blurry. forgot to clear the lense.
Also :
 credit to underneath stardoll
 might try figure jessie j's make-up one day........
 just an amazing fashion !
this kinda art is called POP ART
either click here to go to the google images result or look at my favourite:
Mickey mouse art by Andy Warhole:
i'd like to appologise for not posting much.... moshi monsters is getting the better of stardoll so i'm sorry again! If anyone who is actualy reading this knows any interested writers then please tell me (gingercat990) and i'll recrute them. thanks again, gingercat 

from gingercat 

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